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 CNC Sable 2015
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Welcome to CNC-Sable Benelux


Cnc Sable Benelux is importer from al the Sable CNC products on market.


You can buy the CNC Sable 2015 that is in use by meany users all over the world.


We try to make us strong to get a good CNC product on market that have a good price balance so it is possible to start with CNC machines on a cheep way.


The Sable 2015 is the first succesful model and is made by solid material so you can expect high quality with precision to make many nice parts for all purposes.


Also the rest of the hardware is made of a good quality, so this Sable 2015 is a CNC machine that is complete and only you need a PC to get it work.


The sable can be use for beginner, prototyping, PCB, and many other ideas.

CNC-Sable Benelux
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